Masterson Station Residents Consider Neighborhood Watch

Jul 16, 2014

Following a string of break-ins, residents of Lexington’s Masterson Station Area are looking to take a proactive approach the preventing crime.

Close to 45 people met Tuesday night in the Masterson Station subdivision to discuss plans for a neighborhood watch.

Police say the area has seen an uptick in break-ins, along with the distribution of KKK flyers in recent weeks. WTVQ spoke with resident Allison Gardner, who found her car broken into Tuesday.

"I just kind of felt like I was violated. I did have some pictures of my kids and things like that in the car. Obviously there were things with my name on it and address. Just a little scary," she said.

Overall, Masterson Station's crime rate is about average for Lexington. So far this year, the area has seen four burglaries and close to twenty reports of car break-ins.

But residents are hoping an organized effort could make their neighborhood safer.