Masterson Station Resident Loses Ownership Of Home Over Association Fees

Dec 4, 2013

The foreclosure of a woman’s home in Masterson Station without her knowledge is drawing attention from the Urban County Council.


Ingrid Boak’s home was sold after she failed to pay a mandatory neighborhood association fee for six years.                           

Boak’s case is a rarity, insofar as it involves a foreclosure where a neighborhood association is the sole plaintiff. Usually, residents who fail to keep up with neighborhood association fees are also falling behind on their mortgages.

In Boak’s case, she claims she was unaware of the mandatory fees when she purchased the house in 2007. In all, she tossed out 30 bill notices she assumed were attempts to interest her in a voluntary membership in the Masterson Station Neighborhood Association. As a result, the association moved to sell her house.

The case has prompted some questions by members of the Urban County Council.

"I would like to investigate this further and see what we might be able to do locally as far as legislation goes, so I would like to make a motion to refer the issue of homeowner's associations to the planning committee for further discussion and review," council member Shevawn Akers said at Tuesday’s council meeting.

While any action might have to come from the General Assembly, Councilman Bill Farmer says he hopes the council can at least facilitate better communication between homeowner’s associations and residents.