Maroon 5 Headlines Summer Concert in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Maroon 5 will headline a concert in Lexington this summer. The Lexington Legends announced Tuesday that Applebee's Park will host the multi-platinum rock-pop group along with opening acts Kris Allen and V.V. Brown on Saturday, August 28.

"Music has become a part of what Applebee's Park does, and we've had a lot of success with these concerts," says Legends spokesman Keith Elkins. "It's something where the staff really has to focus on the one evening of entertainment. We're looking forward to another one and certainly think there will be more major concert at Applebee's Park in the future."

Elkins says if last year's summer concert is any indication, a lot of people will be ready and waiting when tickets go on sale. A concert in September featuring country artists Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert attracted some 10,000 concert goers, the largest crowd Applebee's Park has ever seen for a single event.

Ticket sales for the concert start Friday June 11 at 10 a.m. Prices range from $48 to $68.