Magic Hat Challenging West Sixth Brewery's Online Campaign

May 29, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Vermont-based Magic Hat has filed for a preliminary injunction against Lexington’s West Sixth Brewing Co. in reaction to the local brewer’s online campaign against the company.

West Sixth Brewing Co.'s Facebook Page
West Sixth Brewing Co.'s Facebook Page

West Sixth’s social media push to urge Magic Hat to drop a lawsuit it filed against West Sixth May 16th has caused the company “enormous financial damage.” That’s according to a request for an injunction filed by Magic Hat officials Monday.

Magic Hat is suing West Sixth over what it calls “confusingly similar” designs used on their products. Since then, West Sixth has been drumming up support for their cause via an online petition, which now boasts over 17,000 signatures. Magic Hat characterizes the move as a “smear campaign” that has resulted in more than 75,000 insulting and abusive emails, negative comments covering its Facebook page, and calls for sellers to stop offering Magic Hat beer.    

West Sixth co-owner Ben Self denies his company has acted with malice and argues West Sixth is responding the only way it can, because it lacks the legal resources enjoyed by Magic Hat.