Lucky Reds Fan Catches Two Consecutive Home Run Balls

May 22, 2012

CINCINNATI, Oh. -- Three consecutive home runs by the Cincinnati Reds helped secure a 4 to 1 victory last night over the Atlanta Braves, but it was action of a different sort in the bleachers that stole some of the headlines. 

The first two home run balls (struck by Mike Leake and Zack Cozart respectively), were caught by the same fan in the first row of the Left field seats.

Twenty year old Caleb Lloyd told reporters afterward, he had to be talked into attending last night's game by a friend.  Little did he know it would lead to a truly memorable evening at Great American Ball Park.

"The first one I actually barehanded; it hit my hand and I didn't expect to actually catch it, but I just reached out and caught it and it really hurt.  The second one hit behind me and just bounced into my lap."

Lloyd could not complete the trifecta on the home run subsequently hit by Drew Stubbs; that ball was deposited over the right field wall.

After the game Lloyd said he gave the first ball back to pitcher Mike Leake because it marked a milestone for the young right-hander.  (The first round-tripper of his major league career).  Lucky Lloyd then bestowed the Cozart ball to his friend who had convinced him to go to the game in the first place.

The college student said he hoped his unbelievable good fortune would net him an appearance on Leno or Letterman.