For Love of the River Palisades

WOODFORD CO., Ky. -- – Flood damage assessors contracted by FEMA are working their way through the Commonwealth, touring what's left of Kentucky homes in the wake of the May 1st storms.

Despite the long, exhausting recovery process, a Woodford County couple says they're still in love with the river that has caused them so much pain.

"About 7:30 a.m. I come downstairs and water is halfway up my calves. It just rose so quick," says David Gosnell, who lives in a 19th century home at the foot of the Kentucky River Palisades with his wife Gail.

Three weeks later, the Gosnells have been unable to begin the cleanup process. They have flood insurance, but it doesn't cover the dirt and gravel road that partially washed away about a mile from their house.

Gosnell says he needs help from FEMA to fix his road so he can get a truck and other supplies. The latest round of flooding is the worst the Gosnells have seen in their time on the river, but they have no plans to move.

"There are a lot of special things about living down here," says Gail Gosnell, holding back tears. "The river, the palisades, the birds, the peace, the space."

David Gosnell says the river is beautiful, as long as it stays out of the house.