Louisville Officials Taking "Purge" Threat Seriously

Aug 15, 2014

It could be just a prank, but police in Louisville are taking notice of fliers proposing a “Purge” like the one seen in the horror films of the same name.

In the movies, all crime is legal for a 12-hour period every year. Police say threats have been circulating on social media and officers are preparing to respond if any violence should occur.

Sgt. Phil Russell with the Louisville Police Dept. told WKYT the outbreak of teen violence in the city last March has authorities taking any and all threats seriously.

"Due to circumstances that have trended nationally in regards to flash mob violence, in light of what occurred this past spring here, we realize that these things can occur in an instant," he says.

Russell said police have not identified any specific threats but are monitoring the situation. Stepped up patrols were already planned for the weekend with the state fair underway.