Local Music Monday: 'Yeti' Cameron Webster

May 12, 2014

For this week’s feature on Local Music Monday, WUKY’s DeBraun Thomas introduces us to one a very colorful character.

Cameron Webster and his alter ego, Yeti
Credit photo provided

A native of Stamping Ground Kentucky, Cameron Webster moved from Nashville to Lexington in 2011 to further pursue music. Webster’s main instrument is the piano which he uses music ranging from psychedelia to electronic. Webster says his passion to play adventurously started when he got is first keyboard.

“My father bought me the cheapest casio keyboard he could find from a pawn shop and I don’t think he expected me to play it past a week, I really wasn’t really impressed with it until I discovered that you can take the keyboard and you can hook it into a guitar amp and add distortion on the terrible keyboard and I was like ‘wow this is awesome, I wanna do this now’ and I really just kinda got into it.”

After Webster moved to Lexington he started the band SHOZO. SHOZO is a 4 piece band in all of the members take on a different persona. Webster plays the character of the Yeti. Webster’s dedication to the band is so strong that he even showed up to the interview in costume. SHOZO is a perfect musical fit for Webster as he says the band is made up completely of like-minded people.

“If we were all in our respective bands, like by ourselves because we’re so weird, we’d be the most creative member in that band and the four of us together is kinda like that crazy scene in Willy Wonka where there going in the tunnel and they don’t know where they’re going and we have no way of knowing [laughs], that’s kind of what we shoot for, something that at first is approachable and turns into something more adventurous.”

Cameron Webster will be performing with SHOZO on May 23rd at Al’s Sidecar. More information about SHOZO including a download of their album Death Passes is available at facebook.