Local Music Monday: Reva Williams

Feb 10, 2014

WUKY’s DeBraun Thomas features a musician who is somewhat new to Lexington but already making an impact on the local music scene.

Reva Williams
Credit photo provided

Reva Williams connected with music from a very early age. Williams got her start in music under the guidance of her mother at the age of 3 singing with her twin sister in church. Originally from Kansas, Williams says there wasn’t a point where she planned to become a musician, it just happened.

“I mean, I always really loved it, I don’t know if it was ever a really conscience decision, I loved band in high school and I just really enjoyed it, I enjoyed singing with people. So it wasn’t really like I ever made a decision I don’t, I feel like I just feel like I never quit doing it and I just kept finding new ways to do it.”

It is those new ways that have led Williams to become a multi-instrumentalist playing banjo, piano, guitar and bass. After spending time in the Boston music scene, Williams moved to Lexington in 2010 to start a new chapter of her life. Since then she has made a splash in the local music scene playing in such groups as Small Batch, Ancient Warfare, Italian Beaches and her own project The Reva Dawn Salon. Music is an emotional experience for Williams and while she can carry her own as a solo act, she says she prefers sharing this experience with others.

“And there’s something so relieving about the structure of other people agreeing together on the beat, on the chords, on the changes, on the effort made together that provides I think a really safe place both for audience and for band to feel, cause we have a lot of stuff going on inside of us, we have a lot of things that are hard in our lives, everybody does, things we don’t even know about in regards to one another and um, for me music, well yeah I think it’s a place to bury your head, but it’s a place where like things can come out and be opened in a really hopeful and necessary way.”

Reva Williams has a solo album that will be released later in 2014. Williams will also be playing with Small Batch at Cosmic Charlies on February 26th.