Local Music Monday: Guitarist Logan Morford

Apr 14, 2014

This week on Local Music Monday, WUKY’s DeBraun Thomas features a guitarist with a deep passion for his music.

Guitarist Logan Morford
Credit photo provided

Lexington native and guitarist Logan Morford has been part of the local music scene for over a decade. Morford plays in the band Sundown Service which was he started in 2008. Morford says because of the band’s diverse influences ranging from the Allman Brothers John Coltrane, playing that music live is an experience he enjoys every single time.

“It was such a thrill to be able to go out and play in front of people and play the stuff that you like and share that experience with other people, and it never really gets old, I mean to this day when I get up and get to play I think it’s a privilege to be part of a group that gets to do the kind of music they want to play, that to me is becoming increasingly rare.”

Morford occasionally is a side man in other bands and was recently part of an Allman Brothers tribute, but Sundown Service is what he is committed to most. While he continues to hone his craft, Morford says as an artist, you have to love what you do and not fall victim to become what everyone else wants you to be.

“Doesn’t always work out for ya but don’t deviate from that path because if you do that, if you try to please everyone with whatever direction you’re going in, chances are you’re not going to please the most important person in that process which is you, because if you’re not happy with what you’re doing, it’s not going to be good, the art’s just not, the art will suffer.”

Logan Morford will be playing with Sundown Service on May 2nd at Lynagh’s Irish Pub. More information about Sundown Service can be found at sundownservice.com or at Facebook.com/sundownservice.