Local Homeless Shelter Asks Public About New Locations

Nov 4, 2013

Lexingtonians voiced their opinions Monday night about where the Community Inn should relocate. 

The facility lost its conditional use permit in June of 2012 and is currently the subject of a federal housing investigation.  The facility set up a meeting at Central Christian Church where residents could comment on possible new locations.Director Ginny Ramsey says she wanted the process to be more transparent. 

“We wanted to get the community involved before we went after, if you wish, a piece of property, to find that it didn’t suit anybody for us to be moving there," she said. 

Five locations are being considered.  They are:  1400 North Forbes Road, 353 Waller Avenue, 219 East Short Street, 1253 West Main Street, and 166 North Martin Luther King Boulevard.   There was also a booth promoting the idea of multiple small-scale "halfway houses.  

Participants went to stations representing each location, writing down their thoughts and leaving a green dot if they supported the choice.  Some expressed concern about crime, but Ramsey said that communication can ease those fears.  

“Tonight we probably had about 30 folks in the audience who stayed at the community inn, and I’m hoping that that interaction people had with them will help make others realize we’re all in this together.  And I think as community, we all can solve it," she said.

Ramsey says the comments will help shape future decisions, but nothing is likely to happen before the new year.