List Of Potential Mayoral Challengers Grows Shorter

Jan 17, 2014

With the filing deadline fast approaching, Mayor Jim Gray could be the first Lexington mayor to run unopposed in nearly 30 years.

Former Vice Mayor Mike Scanlon (left) Mayor Jim Gray (right)
Former Vice Mayor Mike Scanlon (left) Mayor Jim Gray (right)

Last September, Mayor Gray told supporters at the opening of his campaign headquarters that he felt sure someone else would step into the ring but stopped short of speculating who his potential challengers might be.

Thursday, one possible name – former Vice Mayor Mike Scanlon – announced that he will not challenge Gray in 2014. While the local businessman says he thinks Lexington deserves a “vigorous” contest for the position, he cited personal health problems as his reason for not entering the race.

That leaves former Lexington Police Chief Anthany Beatty, who has been considering a run since last February. But with time running out, Beatty, now an assistant vice president of campus services at the University of Kentucky, says he will decide by late next week.

The filing deadline is Jan. 28.