LIHEAP Signups Way Up

Lexington, KY – Jack Burch says last year over 47-hundred people enrolled in the LIHEAP subsidy program; in the first week of eligibility this year, he says over 28-hundred have already signed up.

(The numbers are quite high we are a bit surprised, we have approved 2827 households and have already expended about 325 thousand dollars income.)

Burch says different types of individuals and families are filling out applications this year.

(We're of course seeing people that we've seen for a very long time. People with disabilities, or elderly with fixed incomes and situations like that but we're seeing more and more folks who are in the labor force or have just been laid off they may have had a very good job paying 15, 20 dollars an hour and now they're working retail making 8 dollars an hour.)

The deadline to apply is December 11th. Complete information on the LIHEAP program is available at