"Life Reimagined" Program Makes Lexington Debut

Apr 25, 2014

With more Baby Boomers choosing to stay in the workplace, an entire market for self-help books, life coaches, and advisers has sprung up around them.

One free service making its debut in Lexington this weekend is called “Life Reimagined.”

Ashley Schmidt with AARP says the program will be part of the iKnow Expo.

"Whether folks are thinking about changing their job or starting their own business or just managing their current careers, they can go to Life Reimagined for work and explore their possibilities and take tangible steps toward what their goals are," she says.

The program will be introduced by Columbia University psychiatry instructor Dr. Janet Taylor. Participants will also be introduced to an online tool that offers goal-setting advice for careers and a private social network called Sounding Board.

The event is this Sunday from noon to five in the Lexington Center.