Lextran Wants More Drivers To "Dump The Pump" Thursday

Lexington, KY – Lextran spokesman Dave Riggins says the bus company is once again participating in a nationwide one day awareness campaign.

"Dump The Pump Day is an event sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association. This will be the fourth annual Dump The Pump Day. It's just an opportunity to encourage folks to access public transportation and ride free all day, not only on Lextran but also on the Red Cross Wheels Program."

Riggins says Dump The Pump Day is a chance for the reluctant, or uninitiated, to explore cheaper ways of getting around.

"We have seen our ridership grow steadily as a matter of fact Lextran ridership has doubled in the past three years. And of course last summer when gas prices were up around four dollars and above, we were certainly seeing excellent ridership. We do see a lot of folks who see this as an opportunity maybe they haven't ridden a public transit bus before, and it just kinda gives them an opportunity to see what
it's all about. It's not only a great economical thing to do but
it's a great thing environmentally."

The American Public Transportation Association says, since 1995 public transportation ridership is up 32 percent, and 34 million times each weekday, people board some form of public transportation.