Lextran Plans to Buy Site of Former GE Plant

Jun 20, 2013

LEXINGTON,KY-- Lextran board members voted Wednesday to purchase property at 200 West Loudon Avenue. 

The land used to be the home of the General Electric Lighting Kentucky Glass Plant, which manufactured different types of glass for lightbulbs starting in 1946.  The factory was closed down in 2010, leaving the property vacant for several years. 

Lextran plans to build a new facility on the property, which spokeswoman Jill Barnett says will help centralize operations. 

"Our administrative facilities are in multiple locations.  Our maintenance facility here needs an upgrade.  Our drivers need a quiet room for when they work a split shift and they are not able to go home, so we really need to consolidate our operation and bring it up to speed, and with this purchase of property, we hope to be able to do that."

Barnett adds that the plot is in a favorable location, as it lies just down the street from their main administrative office, as well as encompassing 14-acres of land, providing room for expansion.  

The  purchase awaits approval from the Federal Transit Authority and a 90-day due diligence period.  If there are no delays or objections, Lextran will purchase the property for $1.7 million.