Lextran Holding Public Meetings This Week On Service Reductions

Sep 5, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  -  Faced with a budget shortfall of $1.3M,  Lextran  has announced service reductions that will take place in October, and is holding a series of public meetings this week to discuss them.

The changes consist of reduced bus hours on some routes and the discontinuing service on sections of several others.  Lextran director of public affairs Jill Barnett says that the changes are meant to maintain efficiency with limited resources.

“As we’re faced with those rising costs from year to year to year, we have to really evaluate what service is effective, what’s efficient, what’s out there, and what can we change to better serve our community," Barnett told WUKY.

Although the intent of the meetings is for officials to discuss the changes with the public, some people, such as Janet Chenault, worry that there is little room for debate.

“I feel like all the changes are already concrete.  Unless they really protest, it will be no changes.  We’ll just have to go along with the program," said Chenault.

Two meetings were held Tuesday at the Central Library.   More meetings are scheduled Wednesday and Thursday in the Northside and Village Branch Libraries, respectively.  A schedule of these upcoming meetings and a summary of changes to bus service are available on Lextran’s website.