LexTran Closer To New Headquarters With $5 Million Grant

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Officials with Lexington's public transit system say a lot is riding on new grant recently awarded by the Federal Transit Administration. LexTran General Mananger Rocky Burke says nearly $5.1 million in funding will help solve several problems.

"There's no place to park additional buses. So when I expand bus service, I usually have to buy more buses to do that, so right now that's a little bit of a hindrance for us. We can't maintain them, I don't have enough bus bays and places to park. So this will greatly enhance our ability to move forward and grow the bus system."

LexTran plans to use the grant to construct a new headquarters to replace the deteriorating structure at the corner of W. Loudon Avenue and North Limestone Street. A new facility would allow LexTran to stop renting office space from a local church and leasing a parking lot from KU.

But Burke says the hunt for federal funding continues. The total project is expected to cost around $12 million.