LexPark Ending Free Validation Next Week

Sep 5, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  -  The days of free parking in city-owned garages are coming to an end.  LexPark Executive Director Gary Means says beginning Monday a validated parking stub will entitle visitors to discounted parking.

“We’re doing away with that program but we’re offering a fifty percent off discount," Means told WUKY.  So when you go through the same process…pull the ticket, come into the garage, visit someone and  then at the security desk they have a stamp now that allows you to receive fifty percent off.  The rates in the garage are a dollar a half hour so if you were in the government building for an hour it would have been two dollars, it’s only going to cost you a dollar now.”

Means says the move was necessary to help defray the costs of maintenance and upkeep of the structures.

“The Annex Garage, the one that most people are familiar with that has that circular exit ramp needs the most work.  In that one, the ticket price is going to be somewhere around $3M to repair; that work has already begun.  The other garages all need some work and it varies from as low as $275,000 to as high as high as maybe $800,000 in the Transit Center Garage in particular which is now twenty years old.  That would probably surprise some people.”

Means estimates the move will generate about $100,000 in revenue annually.