Lexington's Domestic Partner Benefits Proposal Moving Forward

Nov 5, 2013

A unanimous vote Tuesday moved partner benefits for city employees one step closer to reality.

The ten member committee had a few tweaks and questions, but overall was pleased with the ordinance. 

When they asked an insurance representative the cost the additional beneficiaries might bring to taxpayers they were told that number would depend on the amount of catastrophic claims. 

Shevawn Akers who represents the second district brought in findings that showed statistically, very few people take advantage of the ‘Qualified Adult Benefits’

"In Louisville for instance they had 7,000 total employees and 48 enrolled, Cincinnati is 5,328 people, University of Kentucky 14,000 employees and 129 (enrolled).  So if we're looking at 3,000 we're maybe talking about maybe 20 or fewer people."

Numbers aside, committee Member Diane Lawless said it’s a long overdue decision.

"More than being just and fair to our employees I think it also sets a tone that we as a city are progressive, diverse, and welcoming to all people."

To qualify for partner benefits, a couple would have to prove interdependence for at least a year.  That means having things such as joint accounts, ownership of property and liabilities.