Lexington In Top Ten Cities For College Basketball Fandom

Mar 7, 2017

A new report from the personal finance website wallethub ranks Lexington as the eighth best city for college basketball fans.  That’s out of 291 cities surveyed. 

Credit UK Athletics

Considering the competition the top ten ranking is a strong showing for Big Blue Nation in the 2017 Best and Worst Cities for College Basketball survey.  Lexington falls just short of Lawrence, Kansas and East Lansing Michigan, Chapel Hill and Durham as well as Los Angeles.  

Wallethub used 7 metrics to create their report which range from performance of the team to fan engagement. Cincinnati, Murray, and Morehead all broke the top 50 while Louisville came in at 177, much to the dismay of the Courier Journal which encouraged fans to sound off about it on their facebook page. 

In individual categories Lexington ranked second in National titles, fourth in conference championships, sixth in winning percentage, and twenty-first in social-media engagement.

The full report can be viewed here.