Lexington Tattoo Project To Unveil Mystery Image

Nov 15, 2013

The Lexington Tattoo Project will finally take shape tonight as organizers reveal the image created by all the dots tattooed onto Lexingtonians.

Lexington tattoo project co-creator Kurt Gohde's tattoo.
Lexington tattoo project co-creator Kurt Gohde's tattoo.

Over the course of a year, participants were each tattooed with a short phrase from a poem about Lexington by Bianca Spriggs, along with part of an image. Tonight, project co-creator Kremena Todorova says the mystery will come to an end.

"No one except for very few people know what the secret image is, so one thing we're going to show tonight is what it is and explain how we got there," she says.

When the project began about a year ago, Todorova says she was shocked at the speed with which it took off.

"You know, in retrospect, we have no idea why anyone was willing to fund our idea... because it was crazy. We said 'Well, we've asked a local poet to write a poem and we'll get people to get one word from the poem as a permanent tattoo,' and we had no idea if we would be able to get a hundred people. So when people started joining the Facebook event, we were really surprised," she says.

Organizers will also reveal the identity of a well-known Lexingtonian who agreed to have the entire image tattooed on his or her body. Todorova has already given one clue: she says the number one guess, Mayor Jim Gray, is not the answer.

The Transylvania University professor says, despite continued interest, she and co-creator Kurt Gohde don’t plan to do another tattoo project in Lexington, but she notes  the idea is spreading to other communities.

The Lexington Tattoo Project Party will be held Friday night at 8 at Buster’s.