Lexington Police Want Buildings to be "Secured By Design"

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Tougher building standards could make Lexington more secure against crime. Police want the Urban County Council to adopt a security program widely used in Great Britain called Secured by Design.

The program sets voluntary standards for doors and windows. Police chief Ronnie Bastin says such standards can make safer communities.

"Crimes reduced and we have to spend less resources in reacting to crimes that occur would have occurred."

Council member Andrea James was skeptical and wondered why no other American cities have embraced the concept.

"Although this can be seen as a powerful project, why haven't other cities in our nation done this in our United States done this."

Chief Bastin says some U.S. police departments have adopted portions of the program, but Lexington would be the first to fully adopt the concept. The council's planning committee formed a task force to study the proposal.