Lexington Police Investigation Uncovers Sexting Among Elementary Schoolers

Mar 14, 2014

Lexington police are releasing the results of a task force charged with investigating a number of leads related to child pornography.

The group of detectives assigned to the task force by Chief Ronnie Bastin collaborated with Kentucky State Police and the Fayette County Public Schools uncovered evidence leading to 13 arrests as well as "numerous search warrants, the seizure of 52 electronic items, and over a thousand items of media containing child pornography," according to Commander Greg Jones in the Bureau of Investigation.

Investigators examined cases involving the possession and distribution of child pornography, online solicitations, and cyber-bullying. Jones says police found kids as young as elementary school age engaging in sexting - or texting nude or sexual images.

The results, he says, should be a wake-up call for parents. Jones suggests that moms and dads keep a closer eye on their children’s smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices – and remind kids that once photos make their way onto the internet the content is no longer in their control.