Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra Negotiations Continue

Sep 19, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Negotiations continue between Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra musicians and their management ahead of a scheduled concert on Friday. Orchestra members have voted to authorize their representatives to strike the season-opening concert if an agreement can’t be reached over key contract terms.

At issue is management’s push to remove a peer review process for the dismissal of musicians and, as Nathan Kahn, a negotiator for the American Federation of Musicians, says, a decline in the number of full-orchestra performances.

"Some of the musicians' incomes [have] been cut in half and the Lexington community has been deprived of the standard large works that they so much enjoy," Kahn says.

A joint statement released Wednesday by management and the musicians calls their negotiations “both cordial and constructive” and says discussions will continue “with great urgency.”