Lexington Officials Announce Start Of Major Sewer Work

Oct 18, 2013

City officials are preparing residents as the city embarks on the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Fayette County.

A sanitary sewer overflowing next to a creek in Lexington.
A sanitary sewer overflowing next to a creek in Lexington.
Credit lexingtonky.gov

More than 80 separate sanitary sewer projects make up the bulk of improvements ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency, which will cause long-term traffic interruptions and other inconveniences.

"It's going to cost way more than Rupp Arena. It's going to be more than CentrePointe. It will be $100M more than the last  upgrade of the UK med center," says project manager Vernon Azevedo.

All told, the projects could come with a $600M price tag over the next 10 years. The aim is to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows during major rain events.

"To the businesspeople [and] to the homeowners of this community, it's going to be an impact which we have not witnessed in the past. We're going to be digging up backyards, front yards, and side yards," he cautions. 

Over the years, overflows in Lexington have caused millions of gallons of untreated sewage to wind up in Fayette County creeks. Officials are calling the upgrades the “Remedial Measures Plan.” The first areas to be affected will be East Lake, Century Hills, and Bob O Link.

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