Lexington Officer Who Killed Neighbor's Dog To Resign

Jul 15, 2014

A Lexington police officer who shot and killed his neighbor's dog in March is resigning.

The move follows an online protest by animal advocates.

Officer Jeff Brangers gunned down his neighbor’s 12-year-old lab, Angel, because he said he believed the animal was going after his chickens. And while he settled with the neighbors, several thousand animal advocates signed on to an online petition asking the city to remove Brangers from the force.

Now, the officer is resigning, effective Monday.

"I believe it was a victory not only for animals and all of the dogs that he shot and killed, but this is a victory for our community and those of us who spoke out and who signed the petition for some disciplinary action against him," petitioner Karen Devin told WTVQ.

Devin said the action was not about retribution but accountability.

Brangers declined to comment to WTVQ.