Lexington Nano Technology Company Growing

Mar 1, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A Lexington company is announcing plans to expand, even though consumers aren’t likely to see its products any time soon.

That’s because Hummingbird Nano produces parts that measure less than the diameter of a human hair. Hummingbird Nano CEO Grant Stephens says the $550,000 expansion will result in 18 new jobs.

"It enables us to tool up to manufacture a particular products, which I can't identify, but... by 2015  [we] are projected to be making 100 million of those a year," he says.

Stephens says the product is a pharmaceutical device involved in cell manipulation. Governor Beshear and Mayor Jim Gray were both on hand for the announcement, and praised the company as an example of grassroots innovation in the Bluegrass.