Lexington Mayor Shows Support for City Trash Services

Jun 17, 2013

LEXINGTON,KY-- Mayor Jim Gray and his staff celebrated Waste Collector Day Monday. 

The event is designed to show support for city employees that gather trash, recycling, and yard waste.  In a speech, Mayor Gray took the opportunity to thank these men and women for their service to Lexington. 

"These guys are so disciplined in their work that they condition themselves to accept often dissapointing attitudes, but they pick themselves right up and they move along, and that's a tribute to them," Gray said 

He advised residents to "do a little of what I do.  Sometimes it's hard, but just wave hello and thanks."  Gray also said to "Be careful, be respectful, and on these hot days, offering you know, maybe a little cool water’s always nice.”

After remarks from Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, Councilman Julian Beard, and Waste Management Supervisor Shadrick Edmonds, Gray boarded a garbage truck and accompanied workers as they drove along Bellefonte Drive.  They demonstrated a mechanical arm that picks up cans, a feature now on 70% of the city's trash trucks.

In total, Lexington's Division of Waste Management services over 225,000 pick-up points in Fayette County.