Lexington, Louisville Newspapers Endorse Chandler For Congress

Nov 2, 2012

FRANKFORT, Ky.  -- U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler has been endorsed for re-election by the state's two largest daily newspapers.

The Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader weighed in on the race last week, saying Chandler is a better choice than Republican challenger Andy Barr.

Chandler and Barr are in a tight race for the 6th District congressional seat in a rematch from two years ago. Chandler won that one by fewer than 700 votes.

The Herald-Leader said Chandler's record "is a profile of independence" and that he "defends the shrinking middle ground" in a government that "has been poisoned by partisanship."

The newspaper said Chandler, representing a state where coal is an important part of the economy, has taken stands that have irked both the mining industry and environmentalists.

"In other words, Chandler has irritated both sides of Kentucky's hottest debate, while Barr has snuggled deep into Big Coal's pocket," the Herald-Leader wrote. "At a time when Congress can't keep dodging decisions by hiding behind partisan barricades, voters should do the nation and Kentucky a favor by keeping an independent voice like Chandler's in Washington."

The Courier-Journal offered only a brief commentary on the race.

"While Mr. Chandler has been timid on some politically charged issues such as health reform, we believe he best represents the interests of Kentuckians and deserves re-election," the newspaper said.