Lexington Hosting Statewide HIV Conference

Aug 14, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kentucky’s annual conference on HIV is underway in Lexington this week. The meeting will cover a wide range of related topics – from transgender advocacy to health reform.

Following the lead of the International AIDS conference, the 2012 Kentucky Conference on HIV has as its theme “Turning the Tide Together.” And while no one is using the word “cure” yet, the mood among health care professionals at Kentucky’s conference on HIV is optimistic when it comes to advances in treatment. But increases in AIDS in certain populations – men who have sex with men (or MSMs), minorities, and poorer Americans – are cause for concern.

AIDS expert Dr. Laveeza Bhatti, a keynote speaker at the conference, says gender disparities also need to be addressed.

"Women are getting infected more with HIV and they're the ones that are dying with HIV. There are a lot of resources that need to be tailored toward women because the issues for men and women are different," she says.

The conference runs through Wednesday at the Clarion Hotel.