Lexington Home Builders Association Helps National Guard

Dec 14, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - It was time for this truck to load up and go on its normal route to the armory in Frankfort.  However, today it wasn’t carrying its normal passengers.   Instead of transporting soldiers this morning, the National Guard loaded up over 600 toys for Operation Military Cheer.

Captain Jeremy Harper of the National Guard says the toy drive was just the help they needed.  “We came in here and saw the toys and it was overwhelming to see what they donated for us this year because we have about 200 kids that are still needed adopted and families that are in need of assistance and I think we’ll be able to fill what we need with what they donated today.”

Todd Johnson, Executive VP of the Lexington Home Builders Association says the idea for a toy drive stemmed from a previous effort to help those who serve our country.

“Well this year our foundation was able to build a house for a disabled veteran in the community and we wanted to continue to support our military families this Christmas season and picked the National Guard toy drive to help support,” Johnson says.

Last year Operation Military Cheer provided gifts for over 440 children and has around the same number of applicants this year.  All toys donated go to support military families in Kentucky.

Additional information is available at www.kentuckyguard.com.