Lexington Getting Hi-Tech Help In Community Relations

Feb 6, 2014

The city will benefit this year from the expertise of three technological Fellows from Code for America, a so-called Peace Corps for Geeks.

Lexington is one of 10 communities that won a contest to get the extra help.  Code for America pairs groups from various technology sectors to help local governments become more reactive and interactive with their constituents. 

At a press conference Wednesday, Code fellow Livien Yin described a recent project in New Orleans involving the creation of an app that tracked more than 35,000 vacant and blighted properties in that city.

"This is powerful because the citizens can find out when and what to advocate for in their neighborhoods and to me this particularly resonated because it was a powerful example of how we can leverage tech and human empathy in order to better connect citizens with their local government towards shared goals."

Yin, and colleagues Erik Schwartz and Lyzi Diamond will begin their fellowship living in Lexington, gathering data and feedback from city officials, citizens, and other stakeholders this month.