Lexington Crews Gear Up For Overnight Snow

Mar 5, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - City street crews are preparing for duty tonight as forecasters predict up to four inches of snow for the Lexington area overnight.

Sam Williams, director of Streets and Roads, says early rains are expected to change to snow around 10 tonight, with the bulk of snowfall expected after midnight. Williams says crews will be monitoring the situation overnight.

"The thing that we've got going for us is that it's warm going into the event and of course it's going to drop down to a little below freezing tonight. Then we're going to see a warming trend tomorrow after lunch, so the worst time is probably going to be the morning commute," he cautions.

Still, Williams says if the night goes as predicted, most roads should be clear by the time drivers are heading to work. Citizens with questions can call the Tarffic Hotline at 258-3611 or find information about road closures on Twitter at @lexwrecks.