Lexington Cemetery Board Gives Conditional Approval To Accepting Confederate Statues

11 minutes ago

Mayor Jim Gray says the Lexington Cemetery Board has tentatively agreed to take two Confederate statues.  The Lexington Herald-Leader reports Gray announced the panel's decision on Monday after he attended the meeting. Gray said the legal details still need to be determined.

Credit Josh James / WUKY

The decision affects the statues of Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckinridge, a U.S. vice president and Confederate secretary of war. Morgan and Breckinridge are both buried at the cemetery.

The Lexington Fayette-Urban County Council voted last month to move the statues from outside a former courthouse. Gray was given 30 days to return with a new location. The deadline is Thursday.

Gray told the cemetery board previously that the statues come with an endowment for upkeep, maintenance and security. The city is accepting donations for the endowment.