Legislative Research Commission Director Steps Down After Finishing Sexual Harassment Review

Sep 20, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Bobby Sherman has stepped down as director of the Legislation Research Commission following the completion of an investigation into sexual harassment claims made against State Representative John Arnold.

Bobby Sherman, LRC Director
Bobby Sherman, LRC Director
Credit state-journal.com

In a letter addressed to state leaders in the House and Senate, Sherman says he had been contemplating retirement for some time and would have resigned earlier had it not been for the ongoing investigation into sexual harassment complaints filed by two statehouse employees, Yolanda Costner and Cassaundra Cooper, which he wanted to see through to completion.

Sherman is stepping down amid allegations that the legislative workplace had become too tolerant of sexual harassment. Costner and Cooper charged that Sherman and other top LRC staff did not satisfactorily address their concerns. Sherman has declined to give further details about the complaint, but he did explain the steps staff had taken to respond to the charges at a Sept. 4 meeting of the LRC.

Sherman took over the director position in 1999.