Legal Notice Seeks Victims In 15-Year-Old Sexual Abuse Case

Feb 18, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Victims of sexual abuse at the now defunct Micro-City Government in Lexington are being asked to come forward in a legal notice sent to various media outlets.

The lawsuit filed in 1998 alleges that the Urban County Government and former officials failed to take proper action after learning that Micro-City Government program director Ron Berry was sexually abusing children.

"The court is very interested in getting this case done. It's been 15 years and these people haven't had their day in court yet," says Sharon Morris, an attorney with one of the firms of representing victims.

"Just because they come forward does not mean that they have a claim they can bring. It merely means that their claim needs to be evaluated and decided as to whether it fits into the criteria that has been established by the court," she notes.

The criteria, including statute of limitation requirements, are the result of years of legal wrangling. The city maintains that officials did not know about or cover up the abuse. Berry was convicted in 2002 of 12 counts of sodomy with boys between 12 and 16 and completed a three year prison sentence.

The notice says victims must join the lawsuit or file a new one immediately to retain their right to sue, but the court has not established a hard deadline.