Kynect Success Means More Providers

Jun 13, 2014


With the success and national recognition of Kentucky’s health care exchange, known as Kynect, other insurance companies are hoping to get on board. 

Commissioner of Insurance, Sharon Clark says one group has already filed paperwork to become a provider.  “Care Source met with us, several months ago they expressed an interest in operating in Kentucky and they have submitted their certificate of authority and they have submitted filings to sell on the exchange.”

According to Clark, Care Source would be a good fit for the Kynect customers, including those on Medicaid.  “We do our due diligence when a company wants to come into the state.  Also we have additional conversations with their domicile state and Care Source is from Ohio.  They have had an absolutely wonderful working relationship in Ohio.  They’ve been good to the industry up there so we have expectations that they’ll be the same here.”

Clark says additional insurance carriers will allow more choices for those enrolled on the healthcare exchange website and believes increased competition will impact insurance prices in a positive way for consumers.