Ky. Public Service Commission to Consider Water Rate Hike

May 7, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Public Service Commission is set to hold a meeting later this month to take public comments on rate increase requested by Kentucky American Water.

PSC spokesman Andrew Melnykovych says the meeting will begin with an informational presentation.

"What they have asked for is about a 14.6 percent increase in their total annual revenue, which they estimate would increase an average monthly bill for a residential customer by about $5.67," he says.

In addition to the base rate increase, Kentucky American is also asking the PSC to begin adjusting rates annually to cover the cost of infrastructure repairs and to account for fluctuations in energy and chemical costs.

"The one for infrastructure replacement they have said would be capped at a 10 percent increase per year, which I think most people would think that's a fairly significant increase," Melnykovych says.

Kentucky American argues the adjustment mechanisms would lead to fewer rate hikes. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28th at Bryan Station High School.