Ky. House Committee OKs Ethics Update, "No Cup Of Coffee" Rule

Feb 27, 2014

Lawmakers in Frankfort are moving forward with an update to the state’s ethics laws for legislators.

Thursday, the House Committee on State Government gave its stamp of approval to what’s called the “No Cup of Coffee” rule – so called because it prohibits lobbyists from footing the bill for even for a cup of coffee for a state lawmaker.

House Bill 28 sponsor Rep. Brent Yonts says the legislation makes a series of changes to the ethics rules.

"It dealt with some issues of out-of-state travel, clarifying what happens in out-of-state travel. It dealt with that can be given at certain times, whether we're in session or out-of-session. It confirmed existing law about if you're a candidate for higher office other than legislative, what the rules of the road are there," Yonts said.

Suggestions for updates to the ethics rules are regularly presented to the General Assembly by the Legislative Ethics Commission.

Yonts said the Code of Legislative Ethics is generally updated every few years.