Kroger Scales Back Euclid Design

Aug 13, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Urban County Council is set to take up Kroger’s proposed expansion on Euclid Avenue Tuesday. The grocery chain announced plans to scale back the design on Monday following talks with neighborhood residents.

Credit Kroger

A day ahead of a public hearing on a zone change requested by Kroger, the company announced it plans to add a new entrance and shave 10,000 square feet from the project, pushing a proposed barrier along Marquis Avenue back another two feet from the curb. Kroger spokesman Tim McGurk says the wall won’t create the fort-like look some residents fear.

"It's going to be anything but a big, blank brick wall as some have described it. It's going to have glass, unique windows, unique architectural touches, beautiful landscaping, and then there's one section of it reserved for art," McGurk says.

Still, some opponents say the changes are too little too late. Kate Savage, who helped launch a campaign to halt the expansion, calls the new designs a “miniscule concession” and worries that the company may not go through with them.

"These depictions are not binding. Council has no power to bind these drawings and make Kroger build it the way they've drawn it," she says.

The council votes Tuesday on whether to grant Kroger’s request for a shopping center zone.