Kroger Planning To Rebuild Euclid Store

Feb 6, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kroger has announced plans to tear down its Euclid Avenue store and construct a new, expanded one, but some neighborhood residents worry about the size and orientation of the proposed building.

Proposed Kroger redesign on Euclid Ave. in Lexington
Proposed Kroger redesign on Euclid Ave. in Lexington
Credit Kroger

The Cincinnati-based grocery chain plans to build a new $15 m store, which will feature a 125-space parking area on the roof and an escalator for carts known as a “cartalator.” Kroger spokesperson Tim McGurk says the store’s location presents some challenges.

"We can't necessarily move to the left or to the right, so you're going to see the store expand up and down," he says.

While the proposed Kroger will be smaller than the company’s Marketplace stores, which also sell non-food items, the revamped Euclid location would be 70 percent larger and face a new direction – toward PNC Bank rather than Euclid Avenue.

That has some residents nearby voicing concerns. About 60 turned out for a public meeting with company representatives Tuesday. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that some expressed worries that taking the store to the edge of Euclid and Marquis will create a brick wall facing the neighborhood.

McGurk says the company is making an effort to work with surrounding areas.

"We certainly always welcome input from the public. Our real estate department has, I think, done an admirable job meeting with numerous neighborhood groups over the last year," he says.

If the necessary zoning changes are approved, construction could begin in spring 2014.