Kroger Expansion Could Mean Closure Of Premier Home Video

Dec 12, 2013

A deal to temporarily move the Euclid Kroger pharmacy next door could mean the closure of one of Lexington’s last video stores.


Premier Home Video has operated under different names at its location on Euclid for close to 25 years. But in order for the nearby Kroger to keep its pharmacy doors open during a major renovation, the video store might have to close its doors for good.

Store manager Terri Robbins, who has been with Premier for 19 years, says it’s highly unlikely the store could survive a move to a new location.

"If we were able to stay here everything would be fine, but it would be almost suicide to move it outside this area and try to start all over," she says.

Robbins says the business is actually doing well, despite competition from internet streaming and Redbox, but a deal would likely leave only their Hartland Shopping Center location intact.

Kroger officials say neighborhood groups had voiced concerns about filling prescriptions while the expansion is underway and that led the company to begin talks with Premier about taking over their location.

So far, the video store owners say they’re discussing options but have not reached a deal with Kroger.