Kentucky Writers Day Celebrated in Frankfort

Apr 24, 2014

Members of the Kentucky Arts Council celebrated Kentucky Writers Day in the Capitol Rotunda.

The event commemorate’s the state’s writers and its diverse literary heritage.  Executive Director Lori Meadows says the date is particularly important. 

"It’s on April 24th because that is Robert Penn Warren’s birth date.  And of course he was the first US Poet Laureate and a Kentucky Native," she said. 

Frank X Walker, the state’s poet laureate, and three of his predecessors read from their recent works, as well as praising the state's writers.  Also present was Aline Dolinh, one of five National Student Poets (in her case, representing the southeast US).  Although her Kentucky experience was brief, it left a strong impression. 

“Frankfort is a really beautiful city, and I have to leave tonight, so I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t get to explore more.  I really like it.” 

The ceremony also marks Mr. Walker's final year as poet laureate.  He will welcome his successor in 2015.