Kentucky Writers to be Inducted into State Hall of Fame

Jan 21, 2014

The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning is hosting its second annual Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame Induction Thursday.

The event will recognize several of the commonwealth’s best fiction, nonfiction, and poetic authors in the past 200 years.  Director Neil Chethik says the center has invited a group of writers and poet laureates to dramatize these works live.

“We’ll not only get to see who are the nominees but we’ll get just a taste and that will hopefully be kind of an appetizer for the rest of the audience to go and find their other books and read up on these other great writers," he said.  

13 finalists were chosen from a list of 70 nominated by the public.  Although only 6 will be inducted this year, Chethik says all will get their chance soon. 

“It’s really a matter of time for those people.  It may be next year or the year after, but everyone on that finalists list will soon be in the writer’s hall of fame," he said.  

The induction ceremony will take place Thursday, January 23rd at 6:30 PM in the Carnegie Center, which is located at 251 West Second Street.  Admission is free and additional information is available at the Center's website.