A Kentucky Town Leveled By A Tornado Seeking Global Assistance

Jun 23, 2014

After a tornado in 2012, West Liberty Kentucky is partnering with the Clinton Global Initiative America to build more energy efficient housing.

Advocates for the community of West Liberty plan to be in Denver this week for the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting.  Bobby Clark, a consultant in the reconstruction project, says the meeting will offer a chance to ask potential donors to help the town recover from the 2012 tornado.  Clark is with Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise of Lexington.  He says the goal is to raise $500,000 to build four energy-efficient, single-family homes in West Liberty for low-income residents displaced by the tornado. The houses will include solar and geothermal systems. 

Mayor Mark Walter is hopeful and says that the town is slowly getting back on its feet and is welcoming all visitors.  West Liberty is located about 20 miles from Cave Run Lake.