Kentucky Theatre Recieves $15,000 Donation

Aug 2, 2013

LEXINGTON, KY--- The non-profit group Friends of the Kentucky Theatre received a $15,000 grant from Columbia Gas early Friday. 

The money will support the group's efforts to renovate the 91-year old landmark, including lighting upgrades and seat repair.  While presenting the check, Columbia Gas President Herbert A. Miller Jr. brought up a personal experience.  

“It was 39 years ago in this theater that I came and attended a showing and later that evening met my wife Cindy, that you know well.  It was a great day for me, and I’m proud to be part of the history of this grand old theater," Miller said.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray added that a focus on preserving history and culture is vital for Lexington.  

“So much of this is really about valuing, recognizing and preserving what is unique and special and authentic about our city.  What makes it special?  And so much of that is our history.”

In addition to the grant, Friends of the Kentucky Theatre has collected more than $575,000 toward renovation.  They hope to reach their goal of $1 million soon.