Kentucky To Skip Spring?

Mar 27, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Last March was the warmest on record in Lexington, but as winter weather lingers, this March could go down as one of the coldest.

University of Kentucky agricultural meteorologist Tom Priddy says the chilly temperatures are the result of Arctic air is being funneled down into the United States and even parts of Asia.

"Our normal high right now is around 60 degrees and our normal low is around 39 degrees, and if you look over the past seven days we're 12 degrees lower than normal for the entire state," he says.

Priddy says forecasts show the state might not see a dramatic change for another couple weeks, but even then those looking forward to mild spring temperatures may be disappointed.  

"They keep us below normal temperatures out through April 9th, but then with the 30 day and 90 day staying above normal temperatures, that indicates that we may just go straight to the summer temperatures this year," Priddy says.

The ongoing cold snaps have also interrupted farming operations throughout the state. Priddy says that’s likely to continue hampering farming work until the ground dries out.