Kentucky Senator Praises Capitol Police

Jun 14, 2017

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was at the scene of the mass shooting at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field during a congressional baseball practice. The shooting injured five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Sources say one Capitol Police Officer was also shot.

Senator Rand Paul was in a batting cage and witnessed the incident.  He praised Capitol Police officers and their quick action saying that the situation would have escalated in their absence and released the following statement "As you have likely heard a gunman with a rifle opened fire on Congressmen, Senators, staff and police this morning. I was there and am shaken but unharmed. Many people likely would have died this morning if not for the bravery of the Capitol Police. My thanks to them are inadequate but heartfelt. They never hesitated to put their lives on the line to save everyone. Please pray for those who were injured."

The Senator struggled to make sense of the incident and told NBC news "You know, we live in this great, free and open country, and it's just sad that it's come to this and it's truly one of the best things we do. A bipartisan thing. I've gotten to know many Democrats through this game. We joke around, it's collegial. It's for charity. We're set to raise 600-thousand dollars for the Literacy Project and the Boys and Girls Club of D.C. It's a good thing. Who would want to kill people trying to do something good? It's really sick and very sad."

Paul believed that the weapon sounded like an AR-15 rifle. He was uninjured.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding the shooting. “I know the entire Senate will join me in echoing the sentiments of the president this morning. We are deeply saddened. We are concerned for all those injured. We will keep them in our prayers, we will continue to send them every wish for a quick and full recovery. We are grateful for all those who stepped in to help: those practicing on the field, the first responders, and of course the Capitol Police Officers on the scene. We are deeply indebted for their service, we again salute their continuing and unfailing bravery on behalf of the Capitol community. The Congressional Baseball Game is a bipartisan charity event. I know the Senate will embrace that spirit today as we come together in expressing both our concern and our gratitude.”