Kentucky Senate Debate Controversial Measures

Frankfort, KY – Legislation calling for what's known as the 21st Century Bill of Rights' fell two votes shy of passage Monday in the Kentucky Senate. Legislation supporting an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution was proposed by Hazard senator Brandon Smith.

"we're at a time when the president of the united states and leaders that he has in congress have embarked upon an aggressive period of pushing legislation with little or no transparency or accountability to the people of this country including those from our state and many other states".

In addition to transparency issues, Smith says the amendment also seeks to limit abortions and permit the posting of documents like the ten commandments in government buildings.

All 16 democrats present refused to vote on the proposal. Senate minority floor leader Ed Worley called it a political ploy by senate republicans

"it has absolutely nothing to do with the respect of the electorate to make a decision an informed decision about a candidate without having some wedge issue on the ballot to try to move political momentum in one direction or another".

Senate president David Williams says republican leaders brought the bill to the floor because, in his words, we believe in it.'